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Our Christmas series begins November 27!

As we prepare for Christmas, we want to get our hearts and minds ready by preparing for what we will experience at Christmas. So, take a moment and ask yourself, “What does Christmas mean to me?”

What helps us to answer this question is to explore what Christmas means to God: that Jesus came for the down-trodden, the ashamed, the insignificant, the sinners, the despised. In fact, the people who met Jesus at the very first Christmas were not highly valued in the world’s eyes and, therefore, they are greatly
surprised to be included in this event.


The Christmas account in Scripture shows us that Christmas isn’t about the things we see today—gifts, big family meals, beautiful decorations, and cherished family traditions. Rather, it is about God reaching into history to visit the outsiders of the world to make them insiders in heaven by Jesus’ birth and ultimately
His death and resurrection.


Join us for our Christmas sermon series beginning Sunday, November 27:
"Those at Christmas: When Outsiders Become Insiders."

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