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From its humble beginnings under the pines at a congregant’s farm in Dorr, Living Hope has become a vibrant church community. COVID restrictions brought together a group of people in 2020 to meet and watch Harvest OPC’s live stream—a group focused on serving each other and being hospitable, even amidst a worldwide pandemic. That small group eventually grew, and after restrictions were eased, they started a church plant. With Harvest’s supervision, they called Pastor John Terrell in August of 2021. Living Hope soon outgrew their meeting place at Studio 18 in Dorr and began meeting in the gym at Moline Christian in September of 2021.


Living Hope’s desire is that lost souls in the Moline/Dorr/Wayland area would hear the Gospel and come to know Him. We exist to welcome all—the hurting, the anxious, the lost—and preach a life of peace and joy by believing in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. 

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